Greetings and Welcome to the Championship Rounds
at Mystickal Realms!

Aye, The Real Me
Representing Mysts of Lore
Aye, The Real Me
3rd Week Winner
November 11th - November 14th


Congratulations on making it to the final levels! You've proven that
your site is one of the best here at Mystickal Realms!
Now comes the tough part!

The Championship starts out in the Apprentices Level with the top sites from all the teams.
The top two sites with the most votes at the end of the week will move on
to the Alchemists Level. You must win the Alchemists level 3 times in a row
in order to be the Mystickal Realms Champion and will receive this award
to place on your website:

After the 3rd week win, your site will be retired and will be asked back
in January to compete for the yearly "Tournament of Champions" where
we will have our Grand Champion!

Every fighter who wins at the Alchemists Level, whether it be one,
two or three weeks will be invited amongst the Elite to the
Alchemists Level Winners Webring!

New Rule for Championship Rounds only!!

If you make it to the Championship Rounds a LOA (leave of absence) will not be granted. If it is an extreme emergency and the fighter needs to take an LOA then they will be returned to the 4th level of their team to go on LOA and upon return from LOA will compete on the 4th level of their team to qualify again for the Championship Rounds. If it is not an extreme emergency and a LOA is requested, the fighter will return to level 2 on their team.

This rule is being made so that the Championship Rounds are fair to everyone concerned.

Click below to cast your vote:

Apprentices Level

Alchemists Level

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