We are glad you decided to join us here at Mystickal Realms!
The rules here are pretty simple as you can see if you read below!

1. Site must be FAMILY SAFE, artwork with partial nudity is acceptable. Please use good taste!!

2. Sites must be in English or have an English translation available.

3. NO Bandwidth stealing, all images must be on your server, this will be checked.

4. NO HATE sites, no foul language, no racial or religious slurs. No links to sites containing any of these.

5a. NO Business sites.
There are exceptions to this rule, if you have a personal site and you have a side business, (i.e., selling incense, candles, oils, tarot, psychic reading, books) these will be allowed. Your site CANNOT compete if it is ONLY about your business, as this is free advertising, and we are not a forum for this.

5b. NO MySpace, Friendster or Flickster pages.
MySpace, Friendster or Flickster pages are not really what we consider personal Websites--they are more of a community page and, specifically, are comprised of blogs and personal information. Although there are some who may very well take & the time to approve/deny comments and other items posted in said blog on their sites, we have found that the majority do not. The main reason we are concerned about these blogs is because Mystickal Realms is a family oriented competition and also has younger members; many of the comments we have seen on the majority of blogs (and this includes those who have blogs on regular websites) have topics and language that Mystickal Realms does not think best represents us.

Because of this, we have decided not to allow any of these kinds of Community Sites. Just to let you know, if we come across regular webstes that have blogs and guestbooks that contain topics and comments that we find not to be in good taste or offensive, we also disapprove those sites. We hope that you understand that this is no way reflects what we think of people who have these sites -- many of our own members have them -- we just feel that the majority of MySpace, Friendster or Flickster sites, in general, do not fit or belong in our Competition.

6. Site must have an email address accessible.

7. NO links to MP3, warez, cracks, or anti-security sites.

8. No/minimal broken links or images, this does not include outside server downtime.

9. No sites where people have to join a membership to be able to view the site or portions of the site.

10. Once approved. your site MUST have the Site Approved Graphic and/or Mystickal Realms Link Banner up and linked to Mystickal Realms.

11. While in ACTIVE competition, No MAJOR modifications of theme or content of your site will be allowed. This will be checked periodically without notice. If any of the above occurs your site will be temporarily suspended from active competition until the next fighting week begins, with NO level advancement. Modifications allowed during the competition week are, adding awards, VE links, supporter buttons, etc. MAJOR modifications (including websets) can be made on Saturday and Sunday. Should you have any questions, contact your team leader.
(If MAJOR modifications are made, contact Demonosia - Realm Regent/Owner, to make sure site still falls within the rules of MR).

12. Any competitor that needs to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) must notify the Team Leader no later than 6:00 PM EST on the Saturday before the fighting week. In your LOA request you need to include your reason for needing time off and for how long with a return date.

The same goes for your Returns from LOA. We know it is not always possible, but it would be nice for you to send confirmation when you return from your LOA and let us know you are ready to fight the upcoming Monday. In the event you do not, your site will be put as active for the date your request advised.

If your site is due to move to or is currently in the Champ Rounds, you cannot go on LOA unless it is a dire emergency. Even in the case of an emergency (Illness, Death in Family, Work Issues, etc.) your site will be returned to Level 4. If your LOA is voluntary (such as for taking time off for Family Vacation and other non-emergency type issues), your site will be returned to Level 2

If you are already in the Champ Rounds and request an LOA or ELOA,
your site WILL be returned to the team level, no exceptions.

Standard 1-2 Week LOA
In fairness to all of our Competitors, a fighter cannot take a Voluntary LOA that is longer than 2 weeks. Some members have abused the reason for taking LOA's so we have to implement more rigid guidelines.

Extended LOA
If you feel you have a valid reason (Illness, Work Schedule, Computer Issues, etc.) that require you to take an LOA for longer than 2 weeks of competition, you must submit a letter to your Team Leader explaining the reason you need more than the Standard 1-2 week LOA and the expected date of return. Your Team Leader will put your site on 2 weeks LOA then will forward the letter to our Owner, Demonosia, for approval. If your site is approved for the Extended LOA, an approval confirmation will be sent to you and you will be set.

Once your ELOA is up, you will need to contact your Team Leader by the return date that you put in your initial request. If you do not, you will be sent a letter of warning -- no response to the letter will result in your site being removed from the Team.
If your request is not approved and/or your site is removed from the Team, you can resubmit your site at a later time.

13.Fighters must self-vote a minimum of 3 days per week, Monday - Thursday to remain in the competition. However, in order to be considered for advancement to the next level, you must vote all 4 days. If you do not vote a minimum of 3 days per week for two weeks in a row, you will be dropped from competition unless you inform your Team Leader why you are/were unable to vote. If you are dropped and you wish to return to competition, you will have to reapply and start again at the qualifying level. This rule pertains to the 4 Team Levels.

Once your site moves up to the Championship rounds, if you do not vote for yourself all 4 days, you will be disqualified and sent back to the 2nd level of your team.

14. In compliance with COPPA no one under 13 may sign up to compete, make submissions to contests, or volunteer to be staff without first supplying us with a parental consent form. Please mail us for info on parental consent forms.

15. Competitors moving up to the Champ Rounds:
Should you win at the Alchemist level THREE WEEKS IN A ROW, you receive the title of Mystickal Realms Champion! Your site can no longer fight and will be retired for the remainder of the competition year; but you will be eligible compete in the Tournament of Champions in January of the following year where you will compete with other Realm Champions from otherl MR Teams. However, if you have another site that you would like to submit, please feel free, we would be glad to have you!!

16. We encourage vote exchanging with other competitors. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends. However, we do not encourage or endorse Blind Voting and do not under any circumstances allow SPAMMING! Anyone caught or reported to be engaged in spamming will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

Any disputes or difficulties with other competitors should be brought to the attention of Demonosia - Realm Regent/Owner, immediately.

This is just for fun and we want to keep it that way!! MOST OF ALL....HAVE FUN!!!!!

Designed & Maintained by Demonosia, Vampire Prince & Dr. Necessitor
©Mystickal Realms 2002 and Beyond - All Rights Reserved