What's your Fighting name (and real name if you want to include)?

Real Name: Angel D. Femia Richmond Nickname: Angel

Where are you from (State or Country)?


What is your birthday (optional)?

March 9th

Tell us a little about you, i.e., family, job, friends.

I am a writer, Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Psychotherapist and am presently working towards a degree in Child psychology. I have three fully grown kids: Kenny, Jamie and Brenda and Six Grandchildren: Kristyn, Madalyn, Josh, Julie, Daylan, Satica and one on the way.
I work with street kids and abuse survivors. I am their Street Mom and those Grandchildren are in the thousands.

What do you like to do in your free time, i.e., hobbies?

Yoga, Swimming, Music

What is the name of your website and URL?

Spiritual Majic
LoveCry 2007
LoveCry 2008
LoveCry Heals
LoveCry Halloween
Angel Wings
Angel Light
Majic Angel
The Joy Mission

What is it that inspired you to do your webpage?

Angel's Wings was more of an expression of my soul.
Spiritual Majic was inspired by my beliefs and the state of life.
LoveCry 2006 is my life's work with abused kids and street kids. I spent some time on the streets in Toronto and if it were not for the kids I would have given up. They helped me find a purpose to my life and that purpose is them.

What is your favourite Food, Beverage and/or Dessert?

Drinks: Coffee, Juices and Vanilla Milk Shakes
Food: Chicken prepared any way, Fresh Fruit Salad

What is/are your favourite colour(s)?


What is your favourite Quote or Saying?

Love and Let Live

What music do you enjoy playing or listening to?


Name your favourite Movie or TV character and why.

Denzel Washington

If you could be any kind of mystickal creature, who or what would it be and why?

The Angel of Love

Do you belong to any other website competitions?

Yes quite a few: Wild Frontier, Heart N Soul, Dragon Castle, Site Fights, Mystical Realms, Salem's Web Comp., Web Town, Web of Leagues, Triple Ace, Mystical Meadows and the Oldie Goldie's.

Do you enjoy Vote Exchanging?

If so, would you like others on the Team to contact you?
I vote for every one on the pages I enter but do not vote exchange.
Team mates can contact me for vote exchanging.


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