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After spending a good deal of time in web competitions, we noticed that there was something missing. There are many wonderful competitions out there, but few if any are directed to the New Age/Alternative Thought community. So we decided to create Mystickal Realms! If your site consists of Pagan/Wiccan, Fantasy, Goth, New Age, or any other material that deviates from the "norm", then Mystickal Realms is the competition for you! So have a look around and then join the Realms!

The Staff
Realm Court
Demonosia - Realm Regent/Owner
Dr. Necessitor - Feudal Lord
Kat Coconut - Realm Advisor

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January 26th - January 29th

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Silver Moon Paradise
Representing Mysts of Lore

Silver Moon Paradise

2014 Tournament of Champions 1st Place Winner
Shannon's Last Unicorn World
Representing Forgotten Kingdoms

Shannon's Last Unicorn World

3x Alchemist Level Winner: November 17th - November 20th

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